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Benefits of Using Hood Ventilation Systems In Your Commercial Kitchen

Ok. So, you’ve got a restaurant, and now you’re probably thinking about what to put in your commercial kitchen. Appliance, lighting, plumbing, and whatnot; maybe you’re even thinking about putting in exhausts as well. But have you thought about using a hood ventilation system?

When you think about equipping a kitchen, a range hood probably doesn’t rank high on your list of priorities. They are quite underappreciated when it comes to kitchen appliances. But they could be the key to taking your kitchen from good to great, all the while adding a layer of security to your kitchen.

But how do hood ventilation systems work? And why should you consider getting them? Let us begin.

What are they?

Installed above your stovetop, the vent hood is an exhaust system enclosed in a canopy.

What it does is take all the air in a room and remove all the heat, odor, pollutants, grease particles and such from it and through the help of a fan, let it out the exhaust, this allows the kitchen to stay clean, devoid of heat, steam, and cool.

Now that we know hood ventilation system works, let’s look at the advantages of getting one installed.

1. Better Air Quality

The exhaust capabilities of a hood vent are enough to improve the air quality of your entire kitchen. It can help with removing harmful gases or bacteria that might otherwise develop. Carbon Monoxide is also ventilated. You don’t know this but electric appliances produce carbon monoxide. Though we don’t notice it usually, because it’s transparent and odorless. It can, especially in a kitchen, build up if you don’t allow for ventilation. A hood ventilation system will do that for you.

2. Reduces Excess Kitchen Heat

Cooking can become a hot business. Especially if you aim to cook more than one thing at a time

The ventilation will draw in all the hot air hanging and funnel it out. Especially powerful hood vents will suck up all the residual heat out. Easy.

3. Odors in the Kitchen

We cook so many meals that may smell at a certain point in the cooking process. Even the ingredients might smell. Fish is a good example. So, when it comes to the odor side of things, a hood vent is more than useful to keep any and all… unsavory odors from filling up the kitchen.

4. Cleaning Up

Lack of ventilation leads to the smoke building up in the kitchen. What is smoke? It’s vapors. If it was steam, it’d be water vapors, but since we cook mainly with oil, it’s oil vapors. And when oil vapors stay around too long, they stick around. On the walls, the floor, the cabinets, everywhere. And that means grease build-up. Now, grease can be cleaned but it’s a tedious process. So, why put yourself through that pain when you could prevent it in the first place? A hood vent gets rid of all the vapors and smoke that builds up and removes it from the kitchen before it can turn into grease.

5. Light System

Hood ventilation systems come with built-in lights. They allow you to see what’s happening in the pan even easier than you would with your normal kitchen lights. Since, they are usually built, designed and fit to aim at the food you are cooking.


If you are considering opening up a kitchen, a hood ventilation system is a must install. The advantages of having one are immense. It will improve your kitchen, the quality of the food, the staff and cooks will be happier, and the overall quality of your kitchen will stay at the top.

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