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Industrial Fans & Centrifugal blowers

Modern filters supply multi-purpose Industrial Fans and blowers for dust collectors and other applications according to buyers’ requests, including Large air capacity Fan, High pressure fan, Roof Top Fans, Middle pressure fan, and Custom Heavy Duty blower fan in jeddah, Dammam, Al Khobar and Riyadh.

Blade configuration:

1. Forward curve impeller  

2. Backward inclined impeller  

3. Radial or straight blade

Reliable Performance and Good Quality

The products are with reliable performance and good quality, which ensures you get the most suitable products from us !

  • Large air capacity Fan

  • Middle pressure fan

  • High pressure fan

  • Customized heavy blower fan

  • Special fan


At Modern Filters  we ask for your duty: Volume, Pressure, Temperature etc. From this information we would select the most suitable fan from the ranges below. Based on your application and specifications we tailor make the fan with the right features, materials and documentation for you. See our range of industries and applications that we currently serve.

With our quotations we provide a typical drawing, Performance curve and a detailed data sheet.

industrial fans and blowers
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