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5 Things To Do When Buy Commercial Kitchen Hoods In Saudi Arabia

The importance of ventilation in commercial kitchens can't be unnoticed in Saudi Arabia. Commercial spaces must ventilate their kitchens at 25 air changes per hour in Saudi Arabia. Commercial kitchen ventilation is an essential part of functioning for restaurants or industrial sectors. [HCW1] It helps in controlling the temperature and makes the ambiance good for the customers and kitchen staff. If you are building commercial kitchens, restaurant owners must face several ventilation challenges.

Saudi Arabian consumers pay close attention to installing sophisticated range hoods in smart kitchens. Every restaurant owner must invest in a highly functional kitchen hood system to enhance compliance and reduce carbon monoxide poisoning. Here we will discuss the essential things to do when buying commercial kitchen hoods in Saudi Arabia. Before considering the things to consider while buying commercial kitchen hoods, let's start with the reasons to invest in commercial hoods.

Reasons To Invest In Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Air quality Maintenance

Maintaining the air quality for cooking in a commercial kitchen is essential because it will also annoy kitchen staff. High-quality commercial kitchen hood installation can improve the air quality because working with lower air quality can also affect your employees. With the best commercial hood and great exhaust hood, it's much easier to eliminate smoke in the kitchen.

For Light improvement

Increase the amount of Light to deal with lighting issues in the kitchen. You can add lights to your commercial hood for gleaming kitchen space. [HCW2] Ensure you use LED lights to get more illumination without overburdening energy bills. Consult an expert electrician to know what lighting is needed for commercial kitchen hoods in Saudi Arabia.

Prevent Heat reduction

A common issue that everyone comes across while cooking in a commercial kitchen is heat buildup. Running stoves for maximum 8-12 hours a day can produce humid and uncomfortable working conditions. Installation of the best commercial kitchen hoods with effective exhaust systems can overcome this issue. There is an option of switching and pulling out all the heat from the kitchen without any hassle. Kitchen Hood system comes with an exhaust fan and this fan drives out the heat and fumes of the kitchen.[HCW3] It is ideal for proper ventilation balance and for correcting the air pressure in the kitchen.

Enhance Compliance

Commercial kitchen inspections are nerve-wracking processes where every industrial or restaurant owner determines the hygiene to proceed further. Hood panels catch dust and grease quickly, so ensure proper cleaning. Take the assistance of professional kitchen hood cleaners to follow the health codes and regulations. Suppliers of commercial kitchen hoods in Saudi Arabia provide rules and regulations.

Things to consider while buying Commercial Kitchen Hoods in Saudi Arabia

Every commercial kitchen demands a comprehensive exhaust hood system, and in this section, we will mention the things to consider while buying commercial kitchen hoods in Saudi Arabia. If you are building a commercial kitchen space in the market, follow these for the best results.

Types of Commercial Kitchen Hoods

Two types of kitchen hoods are used in commercial kitchens:

· Type1 Kitchen hoods

Type 1 commercial kitchen hoods are designed to remove greases and smoke-producing equipment such as fryers, broilers, ranges, and tilt skillets. These are also known as grease hoods to maintain the air quality and temperature in the kitchen area. Kitchen hoods are ideal for open-flame cooking areas. These should be cleaned regularly to prevent grease and buildup, which could cause a fire hazard.

· Type 2 Kitchen Hoods

These hoods are specifically designed to remove steam, vapor, and odors from space. Don't use these hoods for cooking spaces for grease and oil spaces. Some models are designed only to remove condensation and steam. These commercial kitchen hoods are generally used to vent areas where dishwashers, ovens, pasta cookers, and other equipment that doesn't produce smoke or grease.

Commercial Kitchen Hoods Designs

This is another essential thing to consider when choosing the exhaust hoods designs. However, it's entirely based on your commercial kitchen type and the appliances used.

The most common design for these range hoods are:

· Wall canopy hoods

· Island canopy hoods

· Low proximity hoods

Wall canopy hoods are mounted to the wall behind cooking equipment and are extended over appliances to capture heat and grease vapors. Island canopy hoods are installed to the ceiling and hang above equipment islands positioned away from walls. Low proximity hoods are mounted close to appliances positioned near low ceilings and are smaller. These are also known as back shelf hoods.

Industry Regulations

Before buying commercial kitchen hoods, familiarize yourself with the industry regulations. Consider local and federal regulations for using exhaust hoods in commercial kitchens. Specific standards for commercial cooking operations' ventilation control and fire protection are set. When it comes to kitchen hoods, applicable standards need to follow.

Equipment Dimensions and Hood Placement

Make sure the commercial exhaust hood is available in the proper size. Hoods shouldn't be too small, insufficient to handle the exhaust volume. Overly large hoods can cause extra energy costs. Always measure the size and height of the underlying cooking equipment and the position of the exhaust hood. Height placement also matters. The hood should be mounted with a bottom edge between 78 to 80 inches above the floor. Appliances are positioned beneath ceilings less than 8 ½ feet high, requiring a low proximity back shelf hood.

Kitchen HVAC system

While installing commercial kitchen hoods, the HVAC system is an essential part. These add-on systems regulate fans' speed using variable frequency drive with temperature & optic sensors. It reduces energy use and the amount of make-up air that needs to be brought into space for heating and cooling. It doesn't matter which model you purchase; it should meet the regulations.

Final Words

These are the essential things to do when buying commercial kitchen hoods in Saudi Arabia. There are prominent names of top-class brands providing the best quality hood ranges. Don't compromise on quality, and whatever you buy for your commercial space should meet the building code and regulations of the industry. Before installation of kitchen hoods, keep in mind the equipment dimensions and hood placement. Take help of experts for the professional installation.

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