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Bag Filters & Dust Collector Accessories

Bag Filters Dust Collector Accessories

Modern filters hold the largest stocking of all kinds of bag filters used in All major dust collectors made of  different materials and sizes in KSA, polyester,nomex ,fiber , polypropylene . Pleated and non-pleated as well.

Fabric Filters

We can offer fabric filters of following types:


  • Polyester

  • Polypropylene

  • Ryton

  • Nomax

Fabric Filter Uses:

  • Conventional Bag With Cage

  • Pleated Bags

  • Pleated Cartridges

Industrial Dust collector accessories

We can supply all dust collector accessories and spare parts:


  • Bag filters

  • Filter cages

  • Solenoid valves

  • Timer control

  • Panel boards

  • Screw conveyers

  • Chemical filters

Bag filters
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