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Modern Filters is one of the top-rated industrial dust collectors and industrial dust filteration system manufacturer in Saudi Arabia who have got the foothold in the industrial manufacturing of all types of filtration products for the industrials. We offer improved quality and reliability of the products. Our innovations have reduced the risks of equipment failure and increased the industry's efficiency with the incorporation of technology.

The production unit is equipped with the latest technology and hi-tech machines to enable us to produce range as per industrial standards. All Products are high in efficiency, low noise levels with compact design and easy maintenance. We provide customized solutions to meet unique needs of commercial industry. With the years of experience, we offer consulting, installation and maintenance services in jedddah, Riyadh and dammam and all regions of Saudi Arabia. With the help of experienced engineers and technicians we work closely with customers to provide comprehensive solutions and support.


We have Years of Experience in Manufacturing Industrial Dust Collectors in Saudi Arabia  

Modern Filters has a team of professionals who works very hard to provide the utmost satisfaction to the clients. Our team of experienced and qualified engineers, technicians, and marketing representatives have put so much effort into these vast arrays of products, such as industrial Dust collector, industrial Furnace smoke Filters, Bag Filters , industrial ducting, industrial wet scrubbers, smell controle system and industrial cyclones and Smoke and Fume filters and Roof Top Fans. We continually upgrade the production machines, and high-speed machines assure the production of high-efficiency products. We have skilled quality controllers that make us a leading industrial manufacturer—our team strives to maintain our range's quality and check every production stage carefully.

Industrial dust collector

Dust Collector is a kind of decontamination plant which is used to filter gas dust. It can be used in dry mortar production line, cement industry,glass plant, feed mill, chemical industry, power industry , mining , crusher plants and iron steel industry, etc.


Modern Filters is an innovative company which provides all types of ventilation systems and industrial Fans, Roof top Fans, inline Fans, high pressure Blowers and centrifugal fans in all regions of Saudi Arabia 

Self Filtration system

Modern Filters offer a wide variety of high efficiency filters to match almost any industrial or commercial need. We are a distributor of rigid cell filters, box filters, turbine filters, panel filters, bag filters, as well as media inserts and bulk media filters and self filtration equipment's.

Smoke filter

Modern Filters have  introduced  Kitchen & Catering air filters , We supply and install  Smoke and Fume Filtration using commercial ESP systems. A filtration device that removes fine particles, like Smoke and Smell, from a flowing gas using the force of an induced electrostatic charge minimally impeding the flow of gases through the unit.

odor control system

Modern Filters activated carbon adsorption systems provide high-efficiency removal of gas-phase contaminants such as VOCs, hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, odors and other acid gases, siloxanes, and other gaseous contaminants.

Industrial ducting

Modern Filters provides a full line of standard and special fabricated industrial ducting, including galvanized ductwork, stainless steel ductwork, and carbon steel. Just tell us your application and requirements. Modern Filters is fully equipped to provide custom galvanized and stainless steel ductwork to suit your specific needs.

Commercial kitchen hood

Modern Filters develops and produces kitchen ventilation solutions. Our wide exhaust hood range, flexibility in bespoke solutions, combined with our short delivery times are the key ingredients to timely delivering comfortable and efficient kitchen environments for your clients

Industrial cyclone

Modern Filters Cyclones is designed specifically for high dust load, high temperature, and product recovery applications.​ It has a mechanical separator that uses centrifugal force to remove dust particulates from the air in industrial applications.



Modern Filters wet scrubbers suited for removing noxious gases, fine micron and submicron particulate from industrial and commercial effluent gases; and odors, fumes and dust from gas streams. Available in different capacities, dimensions, and efficiencies for various common contaminants. 


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