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Industrial Cartridge Filters & Their Most Reliable Supplier/Manufacturer

There are many different kinds of air filtration systems in use today. Two of the most common types of industrial air cleaning systems are baghouse and cartridge dust collectors. Cartridge filters are also used in dust collector systems but they are different from baghouse filters. While baghouse filters, as the name suggests, use bags to filter pollutants, cartridge filters use pleated material to filter the air around them. The pleating process allows for better filtration too.

Dust collectors are quite useful in other ways than just filtering the air, the clean atmosphere they create also helps keep workers/employees safe and healthy.

Today, we will discuss what cartridge filters are and how they are used in different industries.

What are they?

Cartridge dust collectors, as mentioned above, use pleated filters instead of bags. Due to the pleating, the filtering surface is made larger, which allows the reducing the size of the dust collector filter, allowing for more efficient filtration.

Why are they advantageous?

With many types and configurations available, cartridge dust collectors have become the go-to for general filtration needs for a variety of reasons, including:

With the availability of other types, why are cartridge filters used most commonly? Why are they the preferred industry standard?

Well, there are reasons for that, such as:

Efficiency. Cartridge filters have efficiency reaching near HEPA level.

Size. As the pleating allows for them to be made smaller, the whole dust collector system can be designed to be smaller and more compact, allowing them to be put indoors or in small spaces.

Another reason for the preference of cartridge filters is the fact that they hold up very well when it comes to finer materials, such as fine dust, they can even handle smoke from plasma cutting, handle fumes, and much more.

When it comes to applications, there are two kinds of filters that cover most applications:

Nanofiber filter, which is very good for filtering the finest of materials.

Spunbond polyester filter, which is thicker but can handle more abrasive materials

Make sure you choose the right filter for the application that you want.

Also, make sure that you periodically check on, and when needed, replace the dust filters. The change-outs are necessary to keep the dust collector system working at maximum efficiency. Filter change-outs will also keep the dust collector system working the best it can, meaning that other maintenance costs won’t apply as much, allowing the system to stay low-cost.


Here at Modern Filters, we work on ensuring that you get the best quality materials and equipment possible. Our dust collection cartridge filters are the best in the market. They also come in all varieties and sizes, so that you can best configure your dust collector system.

Here at Modern Filters, we have manufactured, installed, and are in the process of manufacturing and installing many dust collector systems in our operating area. Whether it be a cartridge collector or a baghouse filter, we will make sure that you get the best service possible from our manufacturers and technicians. We are working throughout the industry to make sure that the working environment remains as safe and unpolluted as possible. With our customers fully happy with the services that we have provided for their business, warehouse, factory, or any other setting.

We also offer other products, such as wet scrubbers, electrostatic filters, industrial fans, centrifugal blowers, and much more. So, visit now and get your site fitted with the necessary equipment now.

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