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Bag House Maintenance

Dust collector maintenance

We’ve been designing, engineering, manufacturing, and installing dust collection systems for Over 10 years. We delivers industrial air filtration solutions, which include dust collection.

We offer:
• Analysis and inspections that give a qualified look at your complete baghouse system — both internal and external—fans, and ductwork.
• Evaluation of performance and airflow and filter media recommendations.

Baghouse Services – Leak Free, Mechanically Correct & Guaranteed.
From one small bin vent to multiple baghouse dust collection systems, we handle inspections, bag changes, repairs, installations both new & used, flow studies, conversions and more for any size dust collector or brand…

Benefits of Modern Filters Bag house Services program
• Extended life of bags
• Lower emissions
• Reduced downtime
• Reduced operational costs, in-house maintenance costs
• Reduced spare parts inventory

Bag house Repair & Upgrades:
• Replace/upgrade filter bags, cartridges, cages, timers, solenoids & other parts to repair baghouse system
• Bring Baghouse system, to mechanically correct & leak free condition
• Upgrade current system with more efficient technology
• Realize full potential of system

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